Unique features to empower field operators and monitor intervention KPI

Improve field service efficiency and effectiveness

Our Customers can leverage on a really easy to use and intuitive user interface, advanced workflow management tool, unique Augmented Reality feature and innovative AI based document extraction, to optimize cost and time of interventions and increase customer retention.

Really simple user experience

Thanks to a whatsapp-like and commonly used interface, Livemote is really simple and intuitive to use for field operators

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All-in-one : a unique APP to manage and track every step of field intervention.

Smarter Interaction : Livemote is designed to facilitate chat and one-handed media file management

Faster content access : Livemote facilitate access to the right content, thanks to an AI assistant able to provide real time suggestion about content to the field operators

Innovative remote support

Field Operators can receive qualified help from centralized technical support or expert operators via Chat, Voip, Video Streaming and AR Call

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No specialized hardware needed : Field operators can receive qualified support directly on their iOS and Android devices

Low Bandwidth AR support : Unique positional tracking and meta-image transfer enable AR support even with low bandwidth connection

Mobile to Desktop content sync: Field and Expert operators can easily switch from mobile to desktop user to sync content

Advanced workflow Tool

A really innovative and flexible workflow tool allows our Customers to easily create different paths to guide their field operators during the interventions

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Create specific business applications : Thanks to the smart workflow management tool, our customers can create specific business application such as pre-intervention security question.

A smarter way to fill the forms : A special chatbot transforms every workflow question into a chat flow to which the operator responds as if he were chatting with a person

Continuous monitoring of intervention performance KPI

All the processes and data are tracked and Company team can analyze data and KPI easily

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Detailed job reports: Obtain, view, and archive user details, GPS position, chat, media and field operations

Big data analytics & statistics: Collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data during every intervention

Visualize results wherever you want: Results can be visualized by Livemote dashboard or external platform connected to Livemote thanks to the full API architecture.

Unique and powerful dynamic knowledge base

Field Operators can have easy access to the right information at the right time to solve faster and better the intervention

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Simple data access: Field operators can easily access a set of data from their mobile device that can help solve the problem autonomously

Continuously growing knowledge: A unique Artificial Intelligence tool continuously feeds the knowledge base with document, video, pictures, tags and all the data collected during previous work orders

Easy third-party integration

Livemote is designed to be easily integrated with the most important platforms to complete the Field Service Value Chain

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Full API: Simple integration with third-party applications and ready to connect with the most important field services platforms

Automatic data collection: Save and share data with authorized people only

Livemote© uses a mix of sophisticated and innovative technologies, such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence, to simplify access to company knowledge and enable an innovative remote support solution.


Track all the work order phases

All the processes and data are tracked and can be analyzed easily by Livemote Dashboard or external platform connected to Livemote thanks to the full API architecture.


Livemote automatically tracks the things most important to you

  • oreder-acceptanceOrder acceptance
  • Timer trackingRepair tracking timer
  • Geo-referenced locationGeo-referenced location with distance borders
  • test-iconTimer tracking start, duration, end and acceptance/follow-up
  • Timestamped interventionTimestamped intervention details (notes, pictures, videos, chat messages.)

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Advanced Knowledge base

Imagine to be able to solve faster, better and a lower cost the intervention by providing the right information at the right time  to your Field Operators.

livemote knowledge base

Livemote© makes Field Operators more efficient thanks to an easy to use and intuitive UX, a sophisticated AI based knowledge Base and a unique AR technology.


Discover how Livemote solves problems for...

  • Service Managers

  • Sales Managers

  • Innovation Managers

Smart assistant

We all know paperwork is challenging when we are in the field. Now you can use artificial intelligence to make your team smarter by adding a truly virtual assistant

mr livemote smart assistant

Livemote’s AI helps field techs autofill work orders and forms

The "Mr. Livemote” smart assistant uses natural language processing to complete forms and expedite the field experience.

Just ask Mr. Livemote "What's the problem?"

Common answers appear to make form completion quick and easy. Using AI dramatically improves the user experience and speeds up the process of filling out forms.

Job reporting and archiving

Don’t you hate paperwork and repeating the same thing over and over again?

We do too.

livemote job report

In Livemote, all the intervention steps are automatically saved in the work order history

Obtain a job report with all the actions that the field operator has performed, the solution and the timetable for repair.

  • chatChats
  • file-3Documents
  • picturesPictures
  • documentsField notes
  • Voice notesVoice notes
  • ... and more

Nothing more to do! Providing the work order history gives customers a detailed explanation of their services, eliminates rework by other tech, and feeds your knowledge base.

Security and tracing

Knowledge ownership

Companies remain the sole owners and holders of the contents. No content is saved on the smart devices of field operators

Safe data storage

The data security is guaranteed inCloud (thanks to the partnership with Amazon AWS).

Secure data transmission

SSL protocol to encrypt and secure transmitted data

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Livemote is a really easy to deploy mobile solution to manage smarter the field workforce. 

Really cost effective with a “Pay as you use” pricing model, no start-up investments and no specialized hardware needed, Livemote allow your Company to start boost field activities in few days

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