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The right toolkit for easily dealing with on the move tasks, allowing end-users to autonomously conducting and positively concluding various activities

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Work order management

Work orders are generated through a web control panel or received by a third party ticketing system. Field operators receive the work order on their mobile device and can autonomously manage all phases of the intervention, from the acceptance to the completion, even collecting the digital signature of the customer.

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Workflow Management

An innovative and flexible workflow tool to provide step-by-step guidance to field operators, allowing them to solve complex interventions much faster. Thanks to Livemote's Workflow Management it is possible to easily create guided question and answer paths to suggest actions to solve the problem in complete autonomy.

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Knowledge Base

Field operators can easily access custom databases from their mobile device to help solve the problem. Thanks to Livemote's exclusive Knowledge Base, your workforce will be able to address issues more effectively, browsing the right information at the right time.

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Reporting and monitoring

All processes and intervention data are recorded and made available to the company for the continuous improvement of interventions through the analysis of all KPIs. The results can be displayed on Livemote dashboard or exported to an external analytics or business intelligence platform. 

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Integration with third-party platforms

Livemote contributes to the establishment of the field service value chain because it is designed to be easily integrated with third party applications and platforms. Livemote, can receive and send data in maximum security thanks to the availability of connectors for the main service management platforms and a Full API architecture.

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