The first app designed to increase field service ROI by amplifying the field operators


Easy to deploy, really cost efficient and simple to use mobile field service management software


Livemote is a really flexible and robust mobile end to end solution to manage smarter the field workforce.

Companies can optimize cost and time of interventions and increase customer retention by leveraging on a really easy to use workorder management tool, an advanced workflow editor, a unique set of innovative remote support tool and simple to read reports.


the Intervention

  • oreder-acceptanceWork order creation
  • Pre-intervention forms
  • oreder-acceptanceTimer & georeference


the Intervention

  • Chat
  • Live AR
  • Knowledge Base
  • VoIP and video streaming


the Intervention

  • Job report creation
  • Customer signature
  • Data analytics

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Manage all field service processes with fingertips

  • Work orders can be generated internally or by third-party management tool

  • Field operators receive the work-order directly on their smart devices and can manage autonomously all the intervention phases

  • Collect data from the field is really easy thanks to a flexible workflow management tool that guides field operators in every step of intervention

  • At the end of intervention, field operator can finalize the report and close it with a digital signature of the customer.

  • Report is immediately available for back-office team.

An expert is always alongside each field operator

  • A unique set of advanced remote support tool is available to help the field operator to solve faster every problems.

  • Intervention-specific knowledge base helps Field Operators to find the right document at the right time

  • Field Operators can ask every time instantaneous expert assistance for advanced support via chat, voice and video calling, or Live AR with exclusive positional tracking functionality

Discover how Livemote solves problems for...

  • Service Managers

  • Sales Managers

  • Innovation Managers

Provide augmented maintenance with our exclusive Live AR

Up to 34% improvement of the performance of field operators at the first intervention using augmented reality solutions

AR expert support

Field Operator can leverage on the exclusive Live AR functionality to receive qualified support from an expert that can provide visual instructions and interactive pinpoint directly on the images received from the field.

Natural Interaction: virtual instructions overlaid via Augmented Reality in the field operator environment

AR Multimedia tools: free-hand drawing and interactive pinpoints containing images, voice notes and technical files are tracked and visualized over real-world assets

Real-time tracking: overlaid information remains anchored to the camera flow on the position set by the expert

Livemote is a unique mobile, easy to deploy Field Service Management Software that enable Companies to increase Field Service ROI by leveraging on innovative support tools to transform field operators in “trusted advisors” of their customers. 



Amplify your Field Operators with Artificial Intelligence

Each Field Operator can have easy access to all the information needed to solve faster and better the intervention


Mr. Livemote®, our exclusive AI smart assistant,  guides field operators step-by-step to suggest actions and potential solutions in real-time

Instant access to asset-specific technical files, user manuals, previous cases, and instructional videos

Field operators are equipped with every piece of knowledge to autonomously solve the problem

The data of each work order feeds the knowledge base, increasing its effectiveness every day

Scale as needed

Very easy to deploy and ready to use in few days

  • Livemote is really simple and intuitive to use, it requires few days and not weeks of training

  • No specialized hardware is required, Livemote is compatible with all IoS ( from 7 upwards) and Android ( from 6 upwards) smart devices

  • With the pay-as-you-use  pricing model you can start with small POC and scale to big project easily.

Track and Analyze all the data and KPIs

  • Every process is tracked and information securely transmitted and storaged

  • Easy access to qualitative and quantitative data and analysis/reports

  • Full API data import/export for third-party analytics and BI solutions

API Integration

Livemote provides input and output APIs to enable integration with third-party applications and ensure enterprise processes continuity



User sign-on, job reporting and sharing of intervention information

Ticketing platform

Attach all service notes, including AR information, to support ticket management systems

VoIP platform

Connect to voice broadcasting platforms to support a voice channel

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Livemote is a really easy to deploy mobile solution to manage smarter the field workforce. 

Really cost effective with a “Pay as you use” pricing model, no start-up investments and no specialized hardware needed, Livemote allow your Company to start boost field activities in few days

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