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Instant Messaging

Accelerate collaboration between your workers by enabling the exchange of information in real time

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Enable your operators to communicate with each other quickly and easily using the same functionality as the instant messaging apps they use on a daily basis but with enterprise capabilities.

Livemote instant messaging ensures secure communication, protecting the company's ownership of the information that is exchanged. No information is stored on operators' mobile devices.

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Quick and easy communications for more effective interventions

Livemote interface is designed to provide your workforce with an extremely simplified user experience similar to the most popular instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram but with functionality and reliability specifically designed for Industrial Grade applications.

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An expert always by the side of workers on the field

Field operators can request support at any time by contacting the experts of their team. With Instant Messaging, they can exchange text messages, voice messages, share photos and videos of the intervention and PDF files without the hassle of using other file sharing apps.

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Protect the ownership of your data and files

No files or messages are stored on the field operator's device. The ownership of the documents is thus protected and only your company remains the custodian of its sensitive information.

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What if mobile connection is not available? No problem!

Even in the absence of mobile connectivity, field operators can carry out interventions autonomously thanks to Livemote Smart Assistant that will guide him step by step by providing him via chat textual information, images, videos, documents.

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