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Knowledge Base

Transfer all the necessary technical knowledge to your field operators' smartphones in maximum security

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Help your technicians to solve any problem faster by giving them the possibility to access, directly on their smartphone, all the documentation necessary to solve the intervention.

With Livemote Knowledge Base technicians will not waste time searching for the right information and, at the same time, your company will be able to preserve the security and ownership of the data.

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The power of knowledge at your fingertips

Livemote Knowledge Base ensures that your field operators have all the information they need to complete the work order autonomously. Information retrieval time is minimised and there is no longer any need for voluminous paper-based documentation, also facilitating a paperless approach.

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The right information at the right time

Mr. Livemote© is the virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence that makes manuals, videos and installation diagrams immediately available, to give field operators the opportunity to solve problems faster and more effectively.

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Provide access only to the required documentation

Provide your field operators only with the information they need to complete the work order, or share the documentation with your customers only for the time needed to solve the problem.

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Preserve ownership of company data

Enterprise knowledge is a valuable asset that cannot be spread indiscriminately: Livemote app prevents the download of files, allowing a secure sharing of company information. No files are stored on the mobile device of the field operator. 

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