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Live AR

An expert always by the field operator's side for more efficient interventions

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The exclusive Live AR functionality allows you to teleport the knowledge of an expert to the field, wherever they are, with the help of augmented reality.

Instructions are positioned in the field operator's space thanks to real-time tracking, reducing abstraction and minimising error margins. Live AR optimises the use of resources and facilitates training on the job, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of field activities.

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Real-time knowledge transfer

Get up to 34% improvement in the performance of field operators already at the first intervention. With LiveAR© experts can transfer the specific skills required to solve the problem to the field operators in real time, whether they are in a control room or on the move.

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Error-proof interactions

Augmented reality allows to remotely qualify and solve any problem by sharing freehand instructions and interactive information containing images, technical files, symbols and voice notes that are displayed through the smart device in the real-world environment of the field operator while remaining in position thanks to real-time tracking.

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Optimise resources and save time and money

Most problems do not require an expert technician to be sent to the site. Reduce intervention time and costs by offering remote guidance to your on-site operators or directly to your end customers and maximise the efficiency of more experienced resources by allowing them to manage multiple interventions at once, without the need to travel.

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Promote the up-skilling of your workforce

68% of workers indicated training as the most important employee policy: guiding the operator with Live AR is a valuable opportunity to implement on-the-job training. Operators will feel more responsible and will be able to increase their skills by benefiting from the intangible infrastructure provided by Livemote.

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