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Video Streaming

Real-time video communication to support field service activities

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Livemote Video Streaming is a feature developed to support your field workforce and allow your technicians to be guided by your more experienced colleagues through video.

Experts can supervise interventions remotely and transfer their knowledge to ensure resolution wherever they are, boosting first-time fix rate and customer satisfaction.

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Advanced remote support

Let your experts identify problems via video to better support your field operators, or speed up time and guide your customers towards solving them on their own.

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Optimise resources to minimise costs

Use video streaming to diagnose problems and increase first-call resolution rate. Eliminate the need for a field operator by remotely fixing the issue or ensure that the technician sent to the field has the knowledge and tools to get the job done.

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Increase customer satisfaction

Video streaming support allows your experts to offer support wherever they are, allowing you to react much faster and at any time. Multiply the number of interventions and make customer service more effective and efficient by increasing customer satisfaction.

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Industrial Grade Technology for Field Service

Compared to solutions dedicated to the consumer market such as Skype, FaceTime and Whatsapp, Livemote video streaming is developed for field service. Whether you manage a few tens or thousands of field operators, it is an easily scalable solution that allows you to centralise service management.

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