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What if you were able to proactively plan facility maintenance and minimize downtime?

The benefits of facility management software go well beyond monitoring and reporting if something is not working. Livemote takes the power of the unknown away from the machines and gives it back to your team. You plan when you want to do maintenance. You control downtime for repairs. Aside from catastrophic failures due to outside forces, you are completely in control of your facility schedule.

Imagine never receiving another emergency call about equipment failure. Or having service information literally in the palm of every facility tech on the floor. It’s closer than you think.

Livemote gives facility managers a whole new way of working with internal teams and external vendors to proactively plan for downtime and optimize your uptime. Through Livemote’s SaaS -based instantaneous effective smart tools that deliver a dashboard view of your organization’s end-to-end process, including tracking all data collected and securely permitting authorized access which will empower field operations. Your employees performing facility maintenance and repair will also appreciate Livemote’s augmented reality and artificial intelligence features, plus the extensive organization knowledge base in the palm of their hands via virtually any smart device.

“Using preventive maintenance over reactive maintenance, a company can save between 12-18%.”
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How do data analytics, augmented reality and artificial intelligence help facility managers?

Facility management has many facets: physical buildings and equipment, grounds, internal team members, external players such as vendors and service providers, proactive repairs, reactive repairs, training, documentation, and utilities just a name a few. With so many moving parts, how can you keep track of what is “best” for your facilities

The answer? Livemote, an employee mobility solution specifically created for your facility management environment. By putting the power into the hands of every team member, you extend your reach and streamline operations.

That’s the power of Livemote.

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Building Information Modeling, or BIM, takes collects data from facility sensor points which building operation and management teams can use to identify areas of improvement or in need of attention. BIM dashboards are like the patient vital health monitors used in hospitals – but instead of patients, you can monitor all the “vitals” of your building and equipment: from machinery health to temperature to failures. Livemote is ready to combine all of this data into an easy-to-use SaaS tool with data integration from all previous jobs, effectively becoming the central point for all information on facility maintenance.

When you dispatch a worker to perform maintenance or repairs, that person will have access to the entire organization’s knowledge base of every repair that has happened before, enabling a quicker time-to-resolution, minimizing downtime, and improving efficiency in parts inventory and ordering.

By using Livemote, you are empowering your facility management team with the most powerful Augmented Reality (AR) application powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and designed especially for their time-sensitive applications. This automated software streamlines your repairs and maintenance to expedite resolutions.

"Every dollar spent on preventive maintenance will save you five dollars on other expenses."

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What are the benefits to your organization?

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Will retail Facility Managers benefit?

Retail offers a very different environment than manufacturing when it comes to BIM. And YES – using Livemote in a retail environment is highly recommended especially as you add the extra element of the public to your mix. It’s one thing to have a safety hazard in need of repair in a contained environment – but once it is introduced to the public, liabilities are just too high to allow it to exist without being fixed.

Field managers are able to see and control the entire secure data collection process end-to-end, supplying new and valuable information to their knowledge base for tech access. One of the most advanced features is the ability to manage different tasks and chat simultaneously accessing this knowledge base and overlaid augmented reality imaging, assisting field service tech and giving facility managers a better idea of what is really happening from issue identification through resolution.

"80% of employees waste an average of 30 minutes per day retrieving information, and professionals spend 5-15% reading information but up to 50% looking for it."

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Is Artificial Intelligence in FSM real?

Yes! The Mr. Livemote® smart assistant guides your service techs within the facility step-by-step, suggesting actions and potential solutions. It also proposes asset-specific technical files, user manuals and instructional videos.

Techs are equipped with every piece of knowledge to autonomously solve the problem. By giving your service techs the knowledge of your entire organization (and more) in the palm of their hand, you take control. And maybe the best part is that Mr. Livemote is always learning and evolving to meet your needs.



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