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How are you driving innovation?

Your organization is only as good as the people and tools you have supporting your customers. Is your team properly equipped? We understand that deploying the latest technology can be expensive and a risk. Can I show ROI? Will the team adopt and use it? But what if you could get the latest advanced tools and eliminate risk?

Imagine giving every field service or maintenance worker the power of your entire organization – and more – in the palm of their hand.

Livemote is an augmented reality support tool that gives innovation managers and field service teams a whole new way of working with internal teams and external vendors to get jobs done quicker, proactively plan for downtime, optimize your uptime, and open new revenue streams.

Through Livemote’s SaaS -based instantaneous effective smart tools that leverage a sophisticated application-specific data analytics engine, and a reporting dashboard, you reduce your downtime, improve efficiency, minimize rush expenses, and improve team satisfaction.

We are putting you in the driver’s seat of your organization’s digital transformation.

"45% of field technicians say their tools are not fast enough."
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How do data analytics, augmented reality and artificial intelligence support innovation?

Innovation is staying on the cusp of what’s new, different and helpful. It’s making sure you’re your team works quickly and efficiently. It’s reducing frustration. It’s using data wisely. But with so many mixed messages out there, how can you determine what is best for your unique situation?

Livemote makes innovation easy. A scalable employee mobility solution that uses overlaid images (augmented reality) and an artificial intelligence engine to collect data, analyze for the future, and learn behavior that will enhance your team’s performance. All available without new and expensive equipment – almost any smart device will do.

Seeing is believing.

By advancing your organization’s innovation you gain a competitive edge by putting the power into the hands of every team member, you extend your reach and streamline operations.

That’s the power of Livemote.

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Scalable for future initiatives

Large-scale digital transformation deployments are risky and expensive. Pilot programs don’t show the whole picture. The key to innovation without risk is a minimal investment, clear ROI, and ability to scale without limitations. Otherwise, you are stuck with the same old equipment doing the same old things as you watch others innovate.

One of the nice benefits of Livemote is that you can be a small or large organization – a flexible pay-as-you-go SaaS model gives you per-user licensing that you turn on as needed.

By using Livemote, you are empowering your team with the most powerful Augmented Reality (AR) application powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and designed especially for their time-sensitive applications. This automated software streamlines your repairs and maintenance to expedite resolutions. New revenue streams are created. Ultimately, happier customers equal more revenue.

"Two-thirds of organizations say that innovation is crucial to survival, yet fewer than a third say they are innovating successfully to drive growth and increase revenue."



What are the benefits to your organization?

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Where is value trapped in your organization?

Data speaks volumes. Livemote’s data collection and analytics bring the most valuable information to the forefront, highlighting areas in need of innovation and allowing for measurable ROI. Collecting data for the sake of collecting does nothing: actionable information must be extrapolated in order to make it valuable.

“Augmented reality can play a role in the typical earlier stages where optimization and enhanced productivity (quantity, quality, speed, flexibility) are more important than later stages of innovation and genuine business transformation (which can of course be set out as Industry 4.0 goals at the start).”

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Using innovation tools like Livemote will give you access to areas of your organization never before possible. Further, enhancing the tools with AI and AR make them simple to use. Livemote offers an in-app experience keeping overhead to a minimum and allowing for project scaling: which appeals to the smallest and largest organizations.



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