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Wouldn’t it be nice for your field service team to have all industry knowledge in the palm of their hand?

Trying to fix something in the field? Perform maintenance? Run data analytics? We understand how complicated the process is. Answers obtained via online searches are the tip of the iceberg. We feel your pain - field service management (FSM) is a challenge. Now, imagine this:

  • Your team has access to every piece of critical service information needed for every work order on every technician’s smart device in the field.
  • Techs see interactive overlays to guide their work using state-of-the-art technology, reducing error and improving time-to-completion.
  • What if your field tech can’t solve a service call solo? They have immediate live and interactive connections to your experts – anywhere in the world - who assist in completion of a call.
  • Data digitization so that you will have lessons learned in the service call searchable and available to everyone within your organization
  • Never having to remind your team to log time and materials for a work order as the geolocation and service tools automatically track and even streamline approvals and invoicing.

It’s a service manager’s utopia.

Livemote gives service managers a whole new way of working with field service technicians and remote experts. By empowering the workers with SaaS-based instantaneous effective smart tools that leverage augmented reality and artificial intelligence, you reduce service call time, improve efficiency, minimize travel time and expenses, and improve customer satisfaction – all with a potential 34%+ increase in first-call resolution.

"Field operators who use augmented reality solutions see a 34% improvement of workers’ performance on first use."
Harvard Business Review

How do augmented reality and artificial intelligence help service managers?

Let’s face it: every call and work order is a new challenge that needs to be solved. You have a team of field service technicians with varying degrees of experience and knowledge. Some are things you’ve seen before (that fuse burns out all the time – you just need to swap it out). Others are complex service or industrial maintenance situations when an expert – or team of experts – is needed to support the person in the field doing the work. It’s impossible for every field worker to know what to do in every situation, and it’s your job to best support them.

Now, imagine being able to harness the power of the aggregated knowledge of your entire organization – and even the knowledge of the manufacturers themselves – all within your knowledge base. Lessons learned from every single prior service call and work order, every manual for the machines you service, and every person within your organization are all at your fingertips in a digitized knowledge base – and via the Livemote AR app, literally in the hands of your technicians in the field.

That’s the power of Livemote.

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By using Livemote, you are empowering your field service workforce with the most powerful Augmented Reality (AR) application powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and designed especially for their time-sensitive applications. By using automated software to streamline your work orders and digital transformation tools to expedite resolutions, you’ve created whole new business models and instantly improved your profitability.

"AR solutions can significantly enhance employee performance and task efficiency through things such as hands-free data access, real time collaboration, CAD and 3D model visualization, and employee training."

ABI Research

What are the benefits to your organization?

Want to see how Livemote will impact your organization?

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How digital transformation will impact your field service team performance – and build trust

Picture this: you have a field service tech on a call who encounters something at one location he’s never seen before. He opens a support ticket for remote assistance. What process do you currently follow to help with resolution? Do you ask around and find out that another tech dealt with this last year and schedule a second appointment to send her to fix the problem? Do you spend hours contacting the manufacturer of the part to get a manual and assistance? What is this work order doing to your bottom line?

Now imagine that you’ve empowered your team with digital transformation tools. Now, with the same device the tech used to call in and ask for help, he is able to open a SaaS-based app, snap a photo, send to your centrally-located team of remote assistance experts (including the tech familiar with resolution), and they are able to – in real-time – use augmented reality to overlay the phone’s screen with notes, instructional arrows, PDFs of the part manual, and specific instructions on how to resolve the work order issue on-the-spot. In minutes he is done, so he has the customer sign-off on his work order screen and he’s on his way to his next call. That’s the power of digital transformation.

Customers receive faster time-to-resolution, calls are completed quicker and much more efficiently, and proactive communication and maintenance will bring you from a service organization to a trusted partner. Simple steps to deliver unprecedented customer satisfaction.

"By 2020, 70% of organizations will cite customer satisfaction as a primary benefit derived from implementing field service management, up from approximately 50% in 2018."



Is Artificial Intelligence in FSM real?

Yes! The Mr. Livemote® smart assistant guides field operators step-by-step, suggesting actions and potential solutions. It also proposes asset-specific technical files, user manuals and instructional videos.

Field operators are equipped with every piece of knowledge to autonomously solve the problem. Cut down your “requests for additional support” by over 75% by giving your field techs the knowledge of your entire organization (and more) in the palm of their hand. And maybe the best part is that Mr. Livemote is always learning and evolving to meet your needs.



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