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Work Order Management

Manage all work orders in a easy and effective way and enable your operators in the blink of an eye

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Work-order generation can be managed by the Team Manager through a simple control panel or can be automated through the easy integration of your company's management systems with Livemote

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Create and manage work orders with ease

Livemote Work Order Management is a solution that allows Team Managers to effectively create, manage and track all work order information through a single dashboard. The Team Manager can create complete work orders with all the required information for field operators and manage the updating of requests and the monitoring of the work until completion.


Comprehensive activity management

Livemote allows your company to manage the entire life-cycle of work orders, thanks to a powerful but easy-to-use control panel. A work order can be created, assigned and sent to the operator in the field with a few clicks. From the same interface you can also analyse and process the data returned from the field and turn it into easy-to-read reports.


Everything about a work order at your fingertips

Field operators receive all the information they need to operate on their mobile device, through which they can manage the entire process of collecting and sending data from the field. In addition, field operators can create a work order on their mobile device themselves, for example in case of emergency maintenance, and then send all the data to the team manager.


Automate signalling processes

Livemote allows the automation of work order generation through the integration to third-party platforms, either commercial or proprietary, to turn service tickets into an immediately processable work order. Instead of creating work orders manually, streamline your processes automating the acquisition of the intervention request.


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