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Workflow Management

Guide field operators step-by-step in the autonomous solution of their tasks


Livemote workflows allow you to assist field operators with the purpose of completing interventions faster and more effectively.

The interaction is managed through an innovative conversational system, which makes the understanding of instructions immediate, simplifying the user experience. The flexibility and customisation possibilities make workflows adaptable to any use case and consistent with your business processes.

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Guide your technicians step by step

Livemote workflows guide operators in the field, offering them support and standardising data collection. Interventions become faster and more efficient and reporting is automated. Workflows seamlessly replace both classical data collection forms and troubleshooting systems and allow your company to build a precious database for every business unit.

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Innovative conversational interface

The innovative interaction system of Livemote turns conversations into information. Form to fill in, intervention reports and task flows are processed through a conversational interface. Instructions are provided by Mr. Livemote, our virtual assistant who interacts by chatting with the operators like a human being, for a simple and immediate user experience.

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Build workflows consistent with your processes

Workflows consist of a series of blocks that can be customised and combined according to customer needs to build workflows coherent with business operations.

Request GPS

Request the field operator's GPS location to verify that they are actually at the designated location before starting to measure the duration of the work order for billing purposes. You can also set a maximum distance within which to allow the work order to begin.

Scan QR Code/Bar Code

Scan a QR code or bar code using the integrated scanner and verify recognition of the designated asset in the work order or provide access to additional information such as the asset maintenance history.

Free text

Request a comment about the work order or a specific task, the collection of relevant information from the field or the recording of data and measures observed.


Multiple choice

Standardise the collection of relevant information from the field and automate the completion of intervention reports.
Set wizards that automatically provide specific instructions to complete the work order, even when the problem is not known at the time of work order scheduling.

Take/upload a Picture

Request the taking of a picture at the beginning and at the end of the maintenance to certify the intervention, photograph the state of preservation of the assets or archive images of the various phases of the intervention that can also be functional to the training of other technicians.

Access the Knowledge Base

Require the access to company documentation to ensure the execution of textbook procedures or to indicate potential solutions to unknown problems. Organise the browsing by thematic folders and tag individual documents to enable keyword search and ensure the right information is retrieved at the right time.

Browse a specific File

Eliminate the time required for document research and retrieve a specific file (an image, a PDF or an mp4 video) stored in the company Knowledge Base to provide the field operator with all the tools to complete the work order in complete autonomy.

It is also possible to create custom modules based on the existing processes in your company.

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