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the innovative platform for workflow and business process management

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Livemote is an application suite available on both iOS and Android devices, that allows you to:

  • Timer trackingExecute complex workflows and processes
  • Timestamped interventionConsult media stored in a shared folder
  • connectionCollaborate  remotely in real-time
  • teamManage mobile workforce and users
  • analyticsTrack, archive and analyse interventions

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Livemote ready-to-go

Livemote comes with three ready-to-use solutions



The right toolkit for easily dealing with on the move tasks, allowing end-users to autonomously conducting and positively concluding various activities. The self-solve module provides the right documentation and a digitalized step-step flow to follow, besides tracking, archiving and generating reports automatically.



A suite of features for coordinating remote collaborations. The remote assistant module allows you to manage tasks from anywhere in the world with advanced real-time and augmented communication tools such as chat and AR solutions, whether you are providing assistance or monitoring a task in the field.

the complete professional solution

is an innovative platform based on an advanced digital toolkit for managing complex business workflow, tracking tasks and facilitating remote collaboration


Every company manages remote tasks and processes , with both internal and external staff.

Reducing intervention times, di intervento, tracking activities e decreasing errors are issues that every modern company must address to remain competitive in the global market.



A unique dashboard, updated in real-time and easy to consult, essential for monitoring intervention progress and duration, analysing statistics, making forecasts and evaluating the performance of on-field activities.


Characteristics that make Livemote unique on the international scene. The perfect solution for every business focused on the digital transition

  • Intuitive interface

    Livemote is a new generation process management software based on the most common user interfaces.

  • Easy language

    The Livemote chatbot allows you to follow customised workflows during a field intervention.

  • Knowledege access

    Livemote allows you to always have the right documentation at hand, to search for it easily and to consult it on the move.

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