The first app designed to manage the entire maintenance process.

Fast, intuitive and cost-efficient solution for field service


the Intervention

  • oreder-acceptanceWork order creation
  • Pre-intervention forms
  • oreder-acceptanceTimer & georeference


the Intervention

  • Chat
  • Live AR
  • Knowledge Base
  • VoIP and video streaming


the Intervention

  • Job report creation
  • Customer signature
  • Data analytics

Manage field service processes

  • Work orders are generated or imported from the company’s management systems
  • Field operators autonomously manage every phase of the intervention through a mobile app
  • Close orders with a simple on-site customer signature and the info are automatically saved and archived

Boost remote support

  • Intervention-specific knowledge base is immediately available to all field operators
  • Instantaneous expert assistance for advanced support 
  • Chat, voice or video calling, or Live AR with positional tracking

Discover how Livemote solves problems for...

  • Service Managers

  • Sales Managers

  • Facility Managers

  • Innovation Managers

Augmented Reality

An expert is always by your side

AR expert support

Live AR:

The field operator forwards his view to the expert, who can attach visual instructions and interactive elements in the precise position in which to intervene.

Natural Interaction: virtual instructions overlaid via Augmented Reality in the field operator environment

AR Multimedia tools: free-hand drawing and interactive pinpoints containing images, voice notes and technical files are tracked and visualized over real-world assets

Real-time tracking: overlaid information remains anchored to the camera flow on the position set by the expert

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Artificial Intelligence

Putting the power of knowledge to work for you


Mr. Livemote®:

Livemote’s exclusive AI smart assistant guides field operators step-by-step to suggest actions and potential solutions in real-time

Instant access to asset-specific technical files, user manuals, previous cases, and instructional videos

Field operators are equipped with every piece of knowledge to autonomously solve the problem

If needed, remote expert help is available at the touch of a button in the app

Scale as needed

  • No special hardware required
  • Compatible with all smart devices, even older versions
  • Pay only for what you use: per-user pricing
  • Easily deploy a pilot program to see viability and results

Track & analyze operations

  • Every process is tracked and information securely transmitted and archived
  • Easy access to qualitative and quantitative data and analysis/reports
  • Full API data import/export for third-party solutions or company management systems

API Integration

Livemote is an open platform and provides input and output APIs to enable integration with enterprise systems and processes



User sign-on, job reporting and sharing of intervention information

Ticketing platform

Attach all service notes, including AR information, to support ticket management systems

VoIP platform

Connect to voice broadcasting platforms to support a voice channel

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