Livemote | Augmented Reality Maintenance App for mobile and Hololens
Livemote is a software solution for remote augmented reality maintenance for improving mro performances. The mobile app helps manufacturers (installers, engineers, Maintainers) increase their Productivity and solve their pains
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LIVEMOTE is the first mobile solution for remote Augmented Maintenance.

It helps manufacturers increase their Productivity and solve their pains.


Boilers – Air Conditioning


Electrical installations – refrigerators


Industries with remote locations


Augmented reality mobile app for assistance, repair and support operations

Mobile Version

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it works:

The field operator forwards an augmented reality image of the asset to the remote operator.

Livemote sends a meta-image, composed by the image and the extra-info (e.g. model, positioning data, etc…). Sending a meta-image that contains all the positioning data allows maximum data containment with up to 95% bandwidth savings over a video call.
100%Video Call
20%AR Call


Remote Dashboard

The remote operator receives the field view of the asset and details on issues detected.

The remote dashboard is available as a mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows 10, or as desktop software for Windows 10 and Mac.


Interactive Assistance

Remote operator can draw notes and place interactive pinpoints with data sheets, videos and voice notes attached

Free hand design and the ability to include advanced pinpoints that contain video, audio, and technical information.


Augmented Maintenance

information are displayed in real-time to the field operator, overlaid on moving images, giving specific instructions to quickly solve the issue.

The information provided by the remote operator remains “hooked” to the position allowing the field operator to move freely without worrying about maintaining a static position.


Livemote Sense™:

allows field and remote operators and supervisors to visualize asset KPIs in augmented reality mode.

Through field sensors integration and IoT, Livemote could display real time data coming from the machinery in augmented reality


Livemote for Mixed Reality Helmet.

livemote is compatible with smartphones and tablets and with the most innovative smart wearables

Coming Soon

API Integration

Livemote is an open platform and provides input and output APIs to enable integration with enterprise systems and processes.


User sign-on, job reporting and sharing of intervention information.

Ticketing platform

Attach AR service information to support ticket management systems.

VoIP platform

Connecting to Voice Broadcasting Platforms to also support a voice channel.

Cost saving and Time Reduction

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