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When failure is not an option, seeing is believing

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Livemote  brings together Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to improve field service operations

uxWhatsApp-like User Experience

Developed for iOS and Android devices in the field, Livemote simplifies operations management by harnessing a commonly used interface

Ar iconInnovative Support through Augmented Reality

Livemote is the first and only augmented maintenance app with real-time positional tracking

uxEnd-to-End Field Service Management

Easy and innovative tools specifically designed to manage, track and analyze every detail of field service

livemote UI

knowledge iconPowerful and Dynamic Knowledge Base

Cloud-based centralized asset storage for every intervention log, instruction, scheme and video to help operators to solve issues faster

service value chain iconComplete Field Service Value Chain Integration

Designed to complete the field service value chain: full intervention tracing in a single app

analytics icoWorkforce Performance Analytics

Capable of analyzing team or individual users performances, Livemote becomes an invaluable instrument to assess personnel and optimize resources

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How it works

What happens when equipment breaks down across town or across the globe? How expensive are your repair calls?

livemote support session

What if you could:

  • Streamline field operations
  • Put the most sophisticated knowledge base in every tech’s hands
  • Virtually guarantee that, regardless of level of training or expertise, the service call will be performed as efficiently as possible?

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Discover how Livemote solves problems for...

  • Service Managers

  • Sales Managers

  • Facility Managers

  • Innovation Managers

Live AR

Innovative support


Augmented reality

In Live AR mode, the field operator forwards the asset view to the expert who attaches visual on-screen instructions and interactive elements in the precise position for the field operator to intervene - no more guess work or interpretation


Tracking information

Real-time tracking projects info over the intervention environment of the field operator, who sees the info overlaid on the asset and can take immediate action


Operational continuity

Using most smart devices and little communication data, intervention is possible even in critical environments not covered by Wi-Fi or a high-speed mobile network

Customers seeing success

Here are some of the world's leading organizations that know seeing is believing.

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